Coach Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Co-Owner | Head Coach

Patrick is a fitness powerhouse of discipline, motivation, accountability, and energy. As a former U.S. paratrooper and professional MMA fighter, Patrick knows how to bring out the absolute best in his clients whether he's instructing them in a Bootcamp class, motivating them during a personal training session, or pushing them to their limits in his high-energy Boxing class. His passion is to empower each of his clients to achieve their fitness goals and he does this by bringing a balance of high expectation and genuine encouragement to each session. With over 7 years of education, background, and experience as a certified personal trainer, Patrick can quickly assess the optimum performance level of each client and design an exercise program that is guaranteed to bring results. His expertise in individual nutrition design is an added bonus for any client who wants to take their health and wellness to the next level.

Coach Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer "Jlo" Lopez
Co-Owner / Lead Coach

If you are looking for a class full of spunk and badassery, kickboxing or kick booty with JLo is where it’s at. Jennifer has made a name for herself by serving up challenging and effective classes that will push your cardio endurance to new heights. She prides herself on delivering fun and creative boot camps that make your time in the gym fly. When you work out with JLo, expect to work hard, leave sweaty and feel great about yourself. Jennifer is a competitive runner, biker and tri-athlete who loves to get down and dirty with the tough mudders. Her favorite fitness experience was sparing for her black belt at the tae kwon do international headquarters in Seoul, Korea. Jennifer has been sharing her passion for fitness by coaching her high-energy, calorie-burning classes for the past 3 years to other fitness junkies like herself. 
Coach Aimee Welu
Darnell King
Personal Trainer | Sports Coach

Darnell brings and impressive level of fitness expertise and competitive experience to Pulse. As a personal trainer, he holds several certifications as an NCSF-CPT and as an ASEP Sports Coach along with specialties and advanced training in boxing, kickboxing, functional training, kettle bell, pre-post natal coaching, weight loss, and power lifting. Having played professional indoor and semi-professional football, Darnell unleashes an exceptional level of camaraderie, motivation, and competitive spirit into his high-energy classes.  

Sam Ziserson 

Sam was originally certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2006, and has been operating as a full-time personal trainer ever since. With over 11 years experience, he provides an exceptional level of knowledge and understanding when consulting his clients on their health and wellness. Having worked with a broad spectrum of people toward a multitude of different goals, he is able to help them embrace a healthier lifestyle and be their best. Programs range from high-performance athletics to rehabilitation, and beyond, utilizing movement patterns to help assess, plan, teach and empower clientele to improve their quality of life in all aspects. Every detail is fitted for, and geared towards safely and effectively attaining their specific wants and needs. Each individual receives a unique experience of the highest caliber
Brandy Bennett 

Brandy Bennett has spent most of her life in the assertive and successful pursuit of health and fitness. As an accomplished multi-sport high school and college athlete, she brings a balanced understanding of personal motivation and competitive spirit to every fitness endeavor. A former Army combat medic, she has the intuition and skills to immediately connect with people on a variety of levels. At Pulse, Brandy combines her experience as a NASM-certified personal trainer with her passion for empowering youth and adults into a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Her engaging demeanor and attention to detail are assets that enable clients to feel comfortable and capable of achieving their best selves. Brandy's greatest joy as a fitness professional is seeing her clients transform from the inside out, gaining strength and confidence, as they push through their own barriers and surpass their own expectations. 
Lukasz grew up in Poland where he developed a passion for health & wellness by pursuing an education in Nutrition. At an early age, he was influenced by Bruce Lee and the philosophies he taught. That is when Lukasz starting pursuing his interests in mixed martial arts and physical fitness. In 2007, he moved to the U.S where he studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Wrestling. He then began competing and achieved his Professional MMA License. During his competitions Lukasz got involved with the National Academy of Sports and Medicine and achieved his Personal Training Certification. Today he continues to learn and dedicates himself to becoming the best he can be. His passion and experience has helped countless people achieve better lifestyles.
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